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Video Tape to DVD: $21 $17.00 Per Tape


Add Mp4 Digital Files: $5.00*

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We convert VHS tapes to digital, whether you want your files saved onto a DVD or an MP4 Video File- or both!

movie film to dvd bluray

If you want to view your VHS video tape in on your TV, then we can transfer your video tape to a DVD. You can watch your DVD on your TV and any computer capable of playing DVD's.

VHS Videos converted to disc will be saved to a DVD, and each tape will be stored on it's own DVD. VHS Tapes will also be returned in a dual DVD case.



movie film to mp4 video file

When you choose to receive your VHS video tapes as an MP4 video file, you have the freedom. We all lead busy lives, and now you have the capability to take your video tape files with you wherever you go! Whether it's on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, watch your digitized video tapes on your favorite device.

video tape to thumb drive video tape to hard drive

You can have your video files saved to a data disc, thumb drive, or hard drive.

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Video Tapes became popular in the 1970's as an alternative to Movie Film. Around the same time BetaMax came out and was a competitor to the VHS tape. Obviously VHS Tapes were more popular than BetaMax and became the dominant choice for video recording.

VHS tapes can be recorded in 2 hour mode, 4 hours, or even 6 hours. VHS tapes that are recorded in the longer play mode have a lower quality than the tapes that are recorded in the 2 hour mode. The longer recording mode has a slightly lower resolution than the 2 hour recording mode.

VHS Tapes are a magnetic tape, which means that over time the VHS tape can lose its magnetism. This results in the ever so common static and eventual ruin of VHS tapes. This is one of the big reasons why it is so important to get the video on a VHS tape converted to digital. Another limitation to VHS tapes is the more often the VHS tape is viewed the more worn out the magnetic tape will get.

VHS Tapes were not meant to be a long term storage solution to home movies. As the VHS tape ages, the overall quality & picture will deteriorate until there is nothing left. Once your VHS tape has been converted to digital you can stop the deterioration and enjoy your home movies.

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