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Put Negatives on a DVD


At Larsen Digital we specalize in putting all your negatives onto a DVD.
Whether you have standard 35mm Negatives or specality Negatives, we will convert your Negatives to digital and put it on a DVD.
No matter what you have, we can convert it & will put it on a DVD.

Negatives put to disc
2000 DPI: 77¢ 68¢ Per Frame
3000 DPI: 78¢ 70¢ Per Frame
4000 DPI: 79¢ 72¢ Per Frame

35mm Negative scanning, lowest price, highest quality, professional scans to digital,

Minimum Order $20 Details


scanned in the USA



All our work is done in the USA!

Unlike other companies that offer dirt cheap rates, we keep all our work right here in the USA. We offer high quality scans that are not outsourced to lower quality providers. We pride ourselves in being the best scanning company, offering high resolution, low cost digital scans. When putting your Negatives to a DVD, you need to know that they will be protected. We will take care of your Negatives as if they were our own.




resolution dpi megapixel


Which Resolution Is Right For You?

When putting your Negatives to DVD one of the most important decisions you will make is what resoltuion you will scan your Negatives. Resolution (DPI) is a lot like Megapixels and digital cameras, the higher you go, the higher your qualtiy. We offer 3 resoltuions, 2000, 3000, & 4000 DPI. Click Here,If you need help choosing which resoltuion is right for you.




free color correction on negative scanning service


Digital Color Correction

All negatives receive free standard digital color correction before we put them on a dvd. We will correct for fading, brightness & contrast, & color balance. If you feel that your negatives need additional editing beyond the standard corrections, you can upgrade to our premium editing service.

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