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what to know when converting negatives to digital


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DVD Slideshow
dvd slideshow negatives

Once we have scanned your negatives we can create a DVD Slideshow. This DVD will allow you to watch your all your negatives on your TV. You can add music, custom title pages & add a main menu title.
DVD Slideshow Details.

Negative to DVD

negative transfer scanning service

2000 DPI: 77¢ 68¢ Per Frame
3000 DPI: 78¢ 70¢ Per Frame
4000 DPI: 79¢ 72¢ Per Frame
35mm negative scanned to cd, dvd, lowest price, best quality, professional scans


Delete Unwanted Digital Images

Once you have had us transfer your negatives, you can view them online to organize and delete unwanted scans before we create your DVD. You can delete as many as you want, making sure that your final DVD has only the best images on it. You will be credited for up to 10% of the deleted images. Can't be combined with any other discount or coupon.

Viewing a negative before it has been converted to digital is difficult, if not impossible. Thankfully you don't need to worry about organizing your negatives before you send them in. We will scan all your negatives & while online, you can organize your digital images; creating as many folders as you want with custom folder names.

Just select the online image organizer on the order form. For more information on our online image organizer.

FREE Digital Color Correction on Negatives

free color correction on all images



All of the negatives we transfer to DVD will be digitally color corrected at our standard service level. If you feel your negatives have really faded over time, you can select our premium service level so that we can spend extra time color correcting your digital images.

transfer negatives in the USA


Scanned in the USA

We transfer all our negatives right here in the USA. Unlike some "bargain" companies, we don't ship your negatives to India to be scanned. We don't outsource any of our work, we do everything right here in our Utah facility.



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