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Capture 100% of Your Film Frame

Don't lose portions of your memories by cropping out 20-30% of your film.

movie film | No loss | 100% capture  

This is how your raw film looks. As you can see, our enlarged gate allows us to capture the most amount of film. With our High Definition transfer, your image will be cropped along the solid yellow lines.

If you are going to make the decision to convert your movie film, make sure you get the best possible transfer.

Side by Side comparison - 20% Loss vs. Our No Loss

movie film no loss | 20% film loss   movie film no loss | not cropped | 100% capture

Other telecine units & projectors crop the image resulting in significant loss of image information.


Our enlarged gate allows access to 100% of the film frame which results in no image loss.

How to Tell if You Are Getting a High Quality Transfer

Start by asking if they capture 100% of the film. As you can see above, losing 20% of your film makes a big difference. You also want to make sure that you are getting a frame by frame transfer. All our movie film transfers at Larsen Digital are done frame by frame. What does that mean? That means that we digitally capture each individual frame, which ensures that the black bars on the top & bottom of your movie film does not appear in your video. This gives you a smooth flicker free video. Make sure your transfers are done with a high quality machine that uses a high definition video camera to capture each frame. Some companies project your movie film on a wall and then record it and give you those files. This is definitely not a high quality transfer and is a very old school way of doing it. These tips will help insure that you are getting a high quality transfer and preserved your movie film for generations to come.

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