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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Giving the "perfect" gift is not an easy task. Parents and Grandparents can be impossible to shop for - until now. Giving the Gift of Memories is something that will top anyone's wish list. Whether you have old movie reels, slides or video tapes, we will convert your media to digital so you can preserve your families memories for generations.

Holiday Gift Guide | Giving the gift of memories

Scanning Services:

Slides, Negatives & Photos

We convert all types of slides, negatives & photos to digital, which can be saved to a disc or a DVD Slideshow. Discs full of memories make the perfect gift. Once slides, negatives & photos are converted to digital images, you can create custom books, share online - the options are endless.

Movie Film & Video Tapes

If a picture says a 1,000 words - what does a video say? Converting old movie film & video tapes to digital will allow you to take a trip back in time. We convert movie film & video tapes to a DVD that can play on your TV, this makes an excellent gift. We also offer the MP4 file, so that you can edit the video files on your computer if your gift recipient is computer savvy.

Audio Tapes & Audio Reels

Audio tapes & Audio Reels recorded some of life's biggest milestones - too bad it's hard to enjoy them. We will convert those audio tapes & reels to a playable CD or an Mp3 file.

Gift Cards

Out of Time? Can't get your hands on your parents stuff? Whatever your needs are, we can help you out. For those who want to give the gift of memories, but can't get it completed before the holidays, we offer Gift Cards.

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DVD Slideshow

DVD Slideshow is the perfect way to compile all your slides, negatives & photos into 1 complete video. This disc will play on your TV, you can add background music, & title slides. DVD Slideshow

Larsen Digital Scanning Service
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Gift Cards for any occasion

Holiday Cut Off Dates

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Expedited Service Available

Surprise a loved one with the gift of memories

Everyone Loves a Surprise

To really make a lasting impression, you will want to go on a convert mission to sneak your parents slides, negatives, movies, videos...etc out of their house. Make whatever excuse you need, just sneak them out! We will quickly convert everything to digital & return it to you. Sneak theirs stuff back into their house... and they will never see it coming!