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copying photos to disk


Copying Photos to Disk

300 DPI: 48¢ 30¢ Per Photo

600 DPI: 58¢ 45¢ Per Photo

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Pricing is for photos sized up to 5"x7",
larger sizes will incur an additional charge.

Minimum Order $20 Details


copying photos to disk


Copying Photos to Disk is extremely easy if you let a professional handle it, and once it's done you will never have to worry about losing your family photos ever again. You can copy your photos off the disk & onto your computer, copy the photos onto a tablet, smart phone & online. Whatever you want to do - it's possible once your photos are put on a disk.





Digital Color Correction

Copying photos to disk is a two step process, first we scan the photo, then we need to color correct the digital image. All the photos that we copy to a disk receive standard color correction to fix problems such as over & under exposure, fading, color balance & image rotation. As photos age the dyes in the paper will begin to fade leaving a discolored photo. We can digitally correct the years of damage making the digital image appear new again.

If you feel that your photos have been a little beaten up over the years, we offer Premium Color Correction where we can spend more time manually correcting the colors in the digital image. For photos that need restoration, we can do that as well!

Professional Equipment

Copying photos to disk can be done on a cheap scanner, but the results will be cheap low quality digital image. Unlike other companies that offer scans for only pennies, we use commercial grade photo scanners. We do not use high speed automated scanners which give low quality digital images. Every photo will be scanned by hand, manually one photo at a time.

Stays in the USA

When we copy photos to a disk, we process everything right here in the USA! We are located in Utah, just north of Salt Lake City. We do not outsource to locations outside the USA.

Photo Sizes

Copying photos sized up to 5"x7" is our standard price.

Copying photos larger than 5"x7" up to 8"x10" will incur a 25 cent charge.

Copying photos larger than 8"x10" up to 12"x17" will incur an additional 25 cent charge.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, so don't feel overwhelmed with your project.

If your photos are already organized into groups, then you can keep that organization. Just decide what groups you want your photos in & put each group inside a container, such as a ziploc bag. Label the container or the bag with the title of the group, such as "1980". Please include a note with how you want your photos organized, so that we make sure we understand how you wants your photos scanned.

If there are too few photos in a group it can become tedious to continually stop the scanners every few photos. So we ask that you average 50 photos per group. Remember that is an average per group. So for example, if you have 200 photos you can have up to 4 groups, with as many photos in those groups. Some groups can have 70 photos, some can have 30 photos.

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