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Copy Negatives | What to Know When copying negatives to digital
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Copy Negatives |

Copy Negatives to Digital

When we copy your negatives to digital, we will save the digital images to a disc. You can choose between a DVD or a DVD Video Slideshow.

Not Your Negative?

Copy Negatives | Negative Film Types

Copy Negatives to Digital!

Copy Negatives | 35mm Negative

2000 DPI: 77¢ 68¢ Per Frame
3000 DPI: 78¢ 70¢ Per Frame
4000 DPI: 79¢ 72¢ Per Frame
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Minimum Order $20 Details



Standard Process

Premium Processing

Resolution 2000, 3000, 4000 DPI 2000, 3000, 4000 DPI
Color Correction Automatic Manual
Fade Restoration Automatic Manual
Brightness Correction Automatic Manual
Scanned in the USA YES YES
Scanned with Nikon Scanners YES YES
Folders/ Groupings 1 for every 50 frames 1 for every 50 frames
Online Viewing YES YES
Delete Unwanted Images YES YES
Jpeg & TIff Files YES YES
Gain Reduction NO Upon Request
Bulk Discounts 3,000+ Call or Email Call or Email

FREE Digital Color Correction

Copy Negatives | Free Color Correction



Preserving your memories on negatives isn't the most practical method. As film ages, the dyes begin to fade leaving a discolored faded negative. Luckily, once we copy your negative to a digital image we can digitally color correct your negatives. The end result will be a better, more vibrant image that you can preserve for generations.
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View Online & Delete Unwanted Images

Copy Negatives | View Online


Trying to organize your negatives before we copy them to digital is near impossible. That is one of the reasons we created our Online Organization System. Once we copy your negatives to digital we will upload them online for you to view, organize into groups and delete unwanted images. You can delete as many digital images as you would like, and you will be credited for up to 10%. Can't be combined with any other discount or coupon. Just select the online image organizer on the order form.
Online Image Organizer Details


Copy Negatives | Jpeg vs Tiff  

There is no additional charge between Jpeg or Tiff files. Jpeg files are the most common choice and have smaller more manageable file sizes. Tiff files are unimpressed files and create very large file sizes. We typically recommend TIFF files when a customer is using the files for professional use or if they plan to do extensive editing to their files.


Done in the USA!

Copy Negatives | All done in the USA


We Copy all our negatives right here in the USA. We would never send your negatives out to another company or another country to copy to DVD.



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