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300 DPI: 48¢ 30¢ Per Photo

600 DPI: 58¢ 45¢ Per Photo

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Minimum Order $20 Details

Pricing is for photos sized up to 5"x7",
larger sizes will incur an additional charge.

Photo conversion cannot take advantage of Digital ICE because the IR channel will only work on transparent film. It will not work on reflective originals like photographs. If a photo has fingerprints, scratches or dust on the picture it may show up in the scan.

Convert Photos to CD | photograph photo

Easy Photo Preparation

Convert Photos to CD | Photo prep

Convert Photos to CD | Collect photo

Step 1: Collect your Photos

Gather your photos and decide which ones you want to convert to CD.. You will want to take your photos out of the albums to avoid handling charges.

Convert Photos to CD | Label Photo

Step 2: Group & Label Photos

If you want convert your photos in groups, just label each group. Your groupings need to average 1 group for every 50 photos.

Convert Photos to CD | Fill out Order Form

Step 3: Fill Out Order Form
& Send to us!

Fill out our order form, include it in your box when you send us your photos to convert to CD. We will take care of the rest.

Useful Information

Order Form

All you need to do is estimate your quantity of Photos & quickly fill out our Order Form. We will convert your photos & save them onto a CD.

Delete Un-Wanted Scans

Convert Photos to CD | Delete unwanted scans Using our online viewing tool, you can delete
un-wanted scans. Select our online image organizer on the order form.
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Getting Started

Getting your Photo order ready to convert is easy! Check out our simple prep instructions.

Processing Time

Our turnaround time is based off our current back-log. Click here to see our current processing times

Professional Equipment

We do not use high speed Photo scanners because they offer low quality scans. We use the Epson 10000XL professional flatbed scanner.

Photo Sizes

We scan Photos sized up to 5"x7" at our standard price.

Photos that are larger than 5"x7" up to 8"x10" will incur a 25 cent charge.

Photos that are larger than 8"x10" up to 12"x17" will incur an additional 25 cent charge.

Standard Editing

All of our Photos will be digitally edited after we convert it to digital. They will receive automated color balance, fade correction and image rotation by a PhotoShop Expert. You will receive 1 grouping for every 50 Photos you send in. Examples

Premium Editing

All of our Photos will be digitally edited after we convert it to digital. They will receive Professional Post Scan manual image adjustments by a PhotoShop Expert (color / contrast / minor spotting / cropping). You will receive 1 grouping for every 50 Photos you send in. Examples
View Premium Pricing


CD's hold approximately 700MB of data, if you the order form estimates you need more than 1 CD, you can opt for a Data DVD instead. The differences between the two discs only comes down to storage size. A CD will have the same great quality.

What we offer

DVD Video Slideshow

Convert Photos to CD | View Photos on DVD TV
Add a DVD Video Slideshow to your photo conversion project. Once we have scanned & digitized your photos, we can create a custom video Slideshow. This Video Slideshow will play on your TV. You can add music and title slides. For more information about our DVD Slideshow offerings.

Scanning Resolution

The Scanning Resolution is one of the most important factors in determining your quality. Scanning Resolution is similar to the concept of megapixels on a digital camera. The higher your scanning resolution, the higher your quality. See a sample of different scanning resolutions.

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