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Larsen Digital provides professional conversion service - Hi8 to DVD & MP4 Files. You can choose to have your video tapes saved to a DVD and/or a MP4 Digital Video File. Once you have your Hi8 tapes converted to an MP4 Video File. You can transfer the files to your favorite devices such as your phone, tablet, computer or even upload it to a cloud service.


Sale Prices


Video Tape to DVD: $21 $17.00 Per Tape


Add Mp4 Digital Video Files: $7.00 $5.00 Per Tape

You receive the MP4 digital video file & a DVD for just $22!

Conversion Service Hi8 to DVD  | Order Now

Minimum Order $20 Details



Conversion Service Hi8 to DVD  | Options


If you want to your Hi8, Digital8 tapes conversion to be saved to a DVD its only $17.00 per tape. DVD's are playable on your DVD player. All DVD conversion services will be an exact duplicate of the content of your video tape.



Conversion Service Hi8 to DVD  | MP4 Video Files


Hi8 Tapes to Mp4 Video File Conversion service will enable you to easily put the files onto your smart phone, tablets, computer & online. The best part of Mp4 Video Files is that you have the ablility to edit your video, deleting unwanted portions & only keeping the best parts.

Hi8 Tape Conversion Service - Why Go Digital?

Hi8 Tapes are dated, try and find a teenager and ask them if they even know what a Hi8 Tape is! However, just because something is old, doesn't mean it doesn't have value. What is locked on those Hi8 tapes are precious & irreplaceable. That is why it is so important to find a professional conversion service to take your Hi8 tapes and convert them to DVD or Video File.



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