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Why choose Larsen Digital over another company?

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We are a Family Owned Business

We started this company preserving our own family pictures and history. Now over 20 years later we are still providing that service to others. We have a professionally trained team to preserve all your family memories that mean so much to you. We guarantee that your order will be processed using the highest quality professional equipment and each image will be digitally color corrected by trained professionals with backgrounds in graphic design.

We understand that your film & videos are priceless to you and having them converted to digital can be an overwhelming task, which is why we guarantee that we will treat your memories with the care and skill they deserve. We will help you every step of the way prepare your film & videos, and we will take care of them as if they were our own. We will ensure that all orders that leave our facility will be up to industry standards receiving the very best of care and attention.

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Everything is Done Here in the USA

In an attempt to keep their rates low some companies outsource all their scanning work outside the USA. They try and hide this fact by having you send your slides to a facility in the states, such as California, Texas or Arizona. Once your film and video has arrived in their state side location, they package it up again, and it is shipped out of the country on a barge ship. In a recent article it was estimated that 10,000 cargo containers are lost at sea each year. Keeping your irreplaceable slides, negatives, photos, videos and movie film in the United States, where they are not at risk of being lost at sea is the best way to protect them. If you are not located close enough to our facility to drop off your slides, negatives, prints, videos or movie film, we recommend using either UPS or Fed Ex because you can easily track your package.

We are located in Pleasant View, Utah. Pleasant View is 45 miles north of Salt Lake City. We have been here since we started business back in 1995. We have always made sure that each and every one of our customers is treated with professionalism along with a personal touch. We're proud to be the most trusted source of slide and negative scanning in North America.

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Digital Delivery

Everything has gone digital now, and discs are now on their way out. We have teamed up with Google Drive to allow our customers to upload their digital image files directly into their personal accounts. If you don't want your files in the cloud you can download your digital files right from us.
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Professional Equipment

Here at Larsen Digital we know that our quality has to be superior, which is why we only use professional scanning equipment. Our friendly staff is highly trained in what they do, which results in a high quality scan.
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Digital Color Correction

All slides, negatives & photos will be digitally color corrected once they have been scanned. All our digital image editors are trained graphic designers and know what corrections are needed to give you the best quality image as possible.
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We Add That Extra Special Touch

We can not only transfer your movie film or video tapes, we make it possible to do something with them afterwards. You can get them to disc, external hard drives, or uploaded to the cloud. We have added services to get digital images from your video so that you can have both. We make it possible to add your voice to your movie film or slideshows so that you can talk about who is in this video and what is going on. This way it it feels like you are there with them and generations to come with actually learn who each person is. You can even make an appointment with one of our technicians and together can edit your video's just like you want them. Going the extra mile is something that we pride ourselves on.
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We Are The Trusted Scanning Provider For Many Professional Companies

NASA, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburg Penguins, Hope College, Alzheimer's Association, The President's Own US Marine Band, Houston Astros, Tufts University, Pennsylvania College of Technology, Cedars- Sinai, Weber State University, US Forest Service, Stanford University, Barneys New York, National Cancer Institute, LA County Arts Commission, UC Davis, Louisiana State University, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl & many more.