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Slide Scanning - DIY or hire a professional

We all like to be handy & tackle a project on our own. It sounds great to say "I am going to buy a scanner and convert all my slides to digital." The reality is that a DIY project can get very expensive and the time & skill required can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to make this DIY project run a bit smoother.

What You Need:

Your computer will need at least 4-8 GB of RAM to handle the intensity of scanning & converting slides to digital.

You can't scan a slide using a flatbed photo scanner and expect a high quality scan. You will need to invest in an actual film scanner that comes with the necessary attachments to handle slides. You will also need to get a scanner that comes with digital ice software. This software reduces dust, fingerprints & dirt that are on your slides. Without digital ice, your scanned images will be full of small specs of dust & dirt.

Time - Lots of it
Scanning film is not a fast process. Expect to spend 5-10 minutes per slide just scanning it. The scanning time will vary based off the resolution you have chosen and the speed of your computer. Each slide will need to be scanned individually, so you can spend an entire day scanning & only finish 100 slides.

Editing Software
Editing your digital images will be necessary. First, you will need to rotate the images so that each one is oriented correctly. Then you will need to color correct each image. The dyes in slide film fade and you scanner settings can result in a discolored digital image. Expect to spend about 5 minutes per image adjusting the colors.

If you don't feel you can devote the time & resources to scanning your own slides, you can rely on professionals. Larsen Digital can scan and color correct your slides and save you the time & headache of a DIY project. We will get it done & get it done right. We don't ship your slides off to India like other cut rate companies; we do all our own work ourselves & in the USA.

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