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Preserving Movie Film to Digital

We all have it – boxes full of movie reels. There is nothing better than reminiscing with family over old home movies. What is even better is spending time with your kids & laughing at what life used to be like. Before there were smart phones, we had phones that were attached to a wall which was attached to a very long tangled cord. We wore bell bottoms, we had an 8-track player and we were stoked when we received a Chatty Cathy or G.I. Joe on Christmas morning. Times have changed, and being able to relive those moments are priceless.

Anyone would say that their movie film is invaluable to them, but did you know that the dyes in your movie film will fade and become discolored over time? Unfortunately people don't realize that film was never meant to be long time storage for their memories, and as time goes on, those memories are literally fading away.

How would you feel if you could never show those videos to your kids & grandkids?

Taking all your old movie reels and having them converted to digital will allow you incorporate your old movie film clips into your collection of genealogy material. Once your movie film has been converted it will stop the degradation process. If your film has already started to degrade, you can be thankful for the advancements in technology and digitally color correct your film.

Once you have your movie film converted to digital, you can save it on a DVD, Blu-Ray or save the MP4 files on a hard drive or upload to the cloud. Video files give you the ability to edit clips & create a highlight reel, which you can share with family & friends. Video files can easily be uploaded to genealogy sites, or other social media sites.

Preserving your movie film from degradation by having it converted to digital will allow you to share you past memories with your family for generations.

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