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How do I sort through an old shoe box of films and photos
and incorporate it into my genealogy?

The best way to start using your family films and photos in your genealogy would be using these 5 simple steps.

Photos in Genealogy | Organize Your Photos


Organize Your photos

Get your photos out of storage. Your families films and photos are only degrading over time.

Organize your photos in a sequence that makes sense for you. It may be by year, by event or person. Put your groups into bags and label them. This will help you stay organized throughout the process.

Photos in Genealogy | Digitize Your Photos


Digitize Your photos

There are a few things to consider when digitizing your film to preserve your family history and completing your genealogy. You want to make sure and get a high quality scan from them to preserve the details left in your film. You will want to choose a high quality photo scanner, learn more about photo scanner. The higher the resolution that you scan them at the higher the quality of your digital images. Learn more about resolution.

Photos in Genealogy | Digitally Color Correct


Digitally Color Correct Your Photos

You will want to apply a color correction to your film and photos. When writing your genealogy you want to have the best images that you can get. Fixing color and contrast problems is essential. If you have them scanned by a professional company like Larsen Digital Services your standard color correction on your films and photos are already included. This will save you lots of time and energy. Dust and scratch removal is included with all color film. To help minimize the amount of time you will need to spend getting your images ready for your genealogy.

Photos-in-Genealogy | Organize Your Digital Photos


Organize Your Digital Photos

Getting your digital photos organized will help in putting your genealogy together in chronological order. The best way to organize your film and photos is to sort them by years or events or children. However works best for the way you are writing your genealogy will be the way you will want them organized.

Photos in Genealogy | Putting Your Digital Photos Online  

Putting Your Digital Photos Online

Put your digital photos online to show off and share your genealogy. There are some great genealogy websites out there, where you can type in your family names and include pictures. This will allow future generations to have access to their family genealogy.