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How to Preserve Your Pictures

The best way to preserve your pictures would be using these 5 simple steps.

How to scan edit and store pictures online | Get them out of storage


Get Them Out of Storage

Get your pictures out of storage. Your family’s pictures are only degrading over time. Enjoy looking at them again and get ready to preserve them so you have share them with many generations to come without worrying about them getting dirty, scratched, torn or lost.
How to scan edit and store your pictures online | Get them digitized


Get Them Digitized

The most important step is to get your pictures digitized. There are a few things to consider when digitizing your pictures. You want to make sure and get a high quality scans from your pictures to preserve all the details available from your pictures. Larsen Digital only scans at the highest qualities to give you the best quality images you can get from your old pictures.
How to scan edit and store pictures online | Color correct your pictures


Color Correct your Pictures

Color correcting your pictures will make the color in your pictures come alive again. Old pictures start to fade over time and will turn your pictures a red or blue shade. These major problems to your pictures can be fixed by editing your pictures using a picture editing software. Fixing color and contrast problems is essential to preserving your pictures. If you have them scanned by a professional company like Larsen Digital Services your standard color correction on your pictures are already included. This will save you lots of time and energy so you can sit back and enjoy looking at your memories all preserved for generations to come.
How to scan edit and store pictures online | Get them Organized


Get Them Organized

Now you are ready to get them organized. The best way to organize your film and pictures is to sort them by years, events or by children. If you have your prints digitized by Larsen Digital Services you can even organize them online using our Online Image Organization service before you get your digital pictures back on disc.
How to scan edit and store pictures online | Get them Organized


Share Your Images

Use your digital pictures to share these fun family memories with your family and friends. You can use these pictures online with social media sites like facebook, instagram and many more. You can even have a slideshow of your digital pictures made to watch on your TV. You now can enjoy reminiscing over these memories that are so much easier to share with loved ones that no longer live near you.