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How to Resize an Image Using Free Software

Here are Three Different Software Programs You Can Try

PicResize to Resize an Image | Larsen Digital  

Resize an Image using picresize

First you will want to go to picresize. If you want to just edit one picture click on browse. If you would like to resize multiple images all the same size, to the left on "continue" it says "multiple images" you will want to click on that. Once you have selected the image(s) that you want to resize you will see the window appear that looks like the picture on the left. This gives you a few options to resize. You can make it 75% smaller, 50% smaller, or 25% smaller that it currently is. If you have a custom size that you would like it, you can put in the width and height using how many pixel each need to be. Then click "batch resize". You are now done! The pro to using this software is that you can resize multiple images at the same time.

PicMonkey Resize Image | Larsen Digital


How to Resize and Image using PicMonkey

First you will want to go to PicMonkey and click on Resize. This will open up a drop down menu shown in the picture on the left. Here you can choose what you would like the size to be in pixels or click on percentages and you can change it from 100% or 50% smallers etc. You will want to make sure "keep proportions is checked". You will then want to click on save which is located right above your picture and the top. In this window you will want to make sure that it is saving to the correct folder. Then hit "save to my computer". You have now resized your image! This software does a great job but doesn't have the option to resize multiple images at the same time.
Pixlr Resize | Larsen Digital


How to Resize an Image using Pixlr

First you will want to go to Pixlr You will need to create a log in to use this program. After you have done that go to Pixlr Express. Then click on Browse. Find the image you want to resize. This will open up your image in a new window. Click on Adjustments, then resize. It will show your image size in pixels as it is right now. All you need to do is decrese that number to make your file size smaller. You will want to leave the "keep proportions" on. Enter in what you would like your width and height to be and click on apply. Now click on save at the top. Now is where you choose the image name and quality settings. Normally you will want the quality settings at 100 but if you are saving for the web you will want 80 to help reduce the file size. Click on save. It will now let you make sure you are saving it to the correct location on your computer. Then hit save again and you are done.