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How to Digitally Color Correct Slide Film Using Pixlr

Pixlr Editor | Larsen Digital


Go to Pixlr and Open Your Image

First you will want to go to Pixlr and click on Pixlr Editor. Click on the top option which is Open Image from Computer and find your image.

Pixlr Rotate | Larsen Digital


Rotate Image

The first thing you will want to do is rotate your image if needed. At the top choose "Image" and then "Rotate Canvas" and the correct direction you need. 180 degrees will flip it from upside down to the correct direction and 90 degrees flips them from sideways to the top or bottom.

Pixlr Color Balance | Larsen Digital


Color Correct

The easiest way to start is to click on "Adjustment" at the top of the screen. Then half way down it says "Auto Levels" click on that. This will take care of some of your color correction.

Now for the manual part. At the top click on "Adjustment" again and then click on "Color Balance". This will bring up a window with a red, green, and blue off set. You can slide the bars different directions to change the look of your image. If it looks better hit okay, if not hit cancel.
Pixlr Exposure | Larsen Digital



If you image needs to be lightened or darkened you can click on "Adjustments" at the top of your screen and then "Exposure". It will bring up a new window where you can adjust it back and forth. Left will make it darker, right makes it lighter.

Pixlr Save Image | Larsen Digital


Save Your Image

You are now ready to save your image. At the top left hand side of your screen click on "File" and "Save". You will now get the same image screen where you can change the file name if you would like. Then choose the file format you would like. If you aren't sure, JPEG should be great for all your basic images. I would change the quality setting to 100% unless you need to have a smaller file size. You have now fixed up your image! These are you basic image edits. There are more things that you can do with Pixlr so have fun playing around with your images.

PicMonkey Before | Larsen Digital

  PicMonkey After | Larsen Digital