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How to Digitally Color Correct Slide Film Using PicMonkey

PicMonkey Edit Window | Larsen Digital


Go to PicMonkey and Open Your Image

First you will want to go to PicMonkey and click on edit. It will bring up a window to go find your picture on your computer. Find the image you want to edit and double click on it. You can see with the image here that there is an editing window to the left hand side of your image. This is where you are going to be editing from.

PicMonkey Rotate Image | Larsen Digital


Rotate Image

The first thing you will want to do is rotate your image if needed. If you look at the screen the third option down is to rotate your image. If you click on rotate it will open to where you can click on the direction you want to rotate your images. You might have to click it twice to get it to the correct orientation. Once you have got it the right direction you will want to click on apply. See image.

PicMonkey Exposure | Larsen Digital



The easiest way to start adjusting the exposure to your image is to hit the auto adjust button. Then below that you will see options for brightness, highlights, shadows, contrast. You can move them back and forth to see if they help your image. If you need to lighten your image, move the brightness slider to the right.The shadows tab will darken your image if you are moving it to the right. Contrast lightens to the right. When you are done click apply.
PicMonkey Colors | Larsen Digital


Color Correct

You are now ready to correct the colors in your image. You can click on the auto button here as well. If you ever don't like the change it has made, just hit cancel. Under that is neutral picker. This removes color cast from your images. If you click on that button and then click somewhere in your image where it is supposed to be white or gray, it will color the other colors in your image based off of that. The next options are for saturation and temperate. Saturation will adjust how bright your colors are. You have to be really careful especially with reds that you don't get to bright. Temperate will adjust how warm your colors are. It turns the blues closer to brown.

PicMonkey Save Image | Larsen Digital


Save Your Image

You are now ready to save your image. Shown in the picture is where the save button is located. Click on and it will bring up a window where you will fill in the information. Instructions below.

PicMonkey Save Image Settings | Larsen Digital


Save Image Settings

The first box is for your file name. You can leave that the same if you want to save over the original or make it different if you don't. The next box is the quality or file size you would like your image saved it. The Sean is the highest quality setting but gives you a large file size. If that isn't a problem, then choose this one. You are now ready to click on "save to my computer" at the bottom in green. You can now change which folder you want your image saved into. Once you have chosen that you are ready to hit save. You have now edited your image!

PicMonkey Before | Larsen Digital

  PicMonkey After | Larsen Digital