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How to Create a Slideshow with Photos and Video Using Free Software Wondershare

Wondershare Advanced | Larsen Digital  

Getting Started

You will need to download Wondershare DVD Slideshow's free software. The trial mode on this is only 30 days so you will want to try it out as soon as you download it. You can choose standard or advanced mode but for this we are going to choose. ADVANCED.
Wondershare Add Images | Larsen Digital  

Add Images

To add your images and video to your slideshow you will want to click on the add files button and it will give you a drop down list to choose where we are getting your images and video from. If they are on your computer choose the first option which is Add Photo/Video. Once you have selected your images and video they will now load. If there happens to be an image that you don't want to use, just right click on it and hit delete clip. If you want to change the order that your images or in, just click on one and drag and drop it where you want it to be placed. You will do that same thing with your video clips. You can drag and drop them wherever you would like them to go.
Wondershare Transitions | Larsen Digital  


It will automatically add some fun transitions between your images on the bottom of your screen. They show up between your images. Default is to have them on the screen for 2 seconds. Your images are on screen for 4 seconds by default. If you would like to change that, click on an image. Now right click on them and go to set duration. Now you can change the photo duration or the transition duration. You will want to select all after that so it changes it for all your images. If you want to select a different transition type they are all on the left hand side of your screen. Double click on them to see what they do.
Wondershare Motion | Larsen Digital  


The next option under transitions in changing the motion on your images. If you want them to move from one direction of the screen to the next this is where you will set this option. It livens up a slideshow very quickly but make sure to preview your slideshow as motion opens can make it so it's hard to view an images sometimes during the time they are on screen. Under the motion option are clipart and effects if you wanted to add any of them. There is also preaudio which is small audio clips.
Wondershare Music | Larsen Digital  

Adding Music

If you would like music in your slideshow, we will add it now. The first thing you need to do though is switch your view from STORYBOARD to TIMELINE. This is located on the right hand side just above all your images at the bottom. Now is will show how long your music is compared to how long your images will be on the screen. Now we will add the music. Below your images it will say, double click to add music here. Double click there. It will now bring up a folder to locate your music on your computer. Once you have found the song(s) you want to use you will double click on them and it will add them to your slideshow. You will now see the file under your images. If you scroll over to the end of the slideshow you now need to fade out your last song so it ends at the same time as your images. Right click at the end on the music line and click on EDIT MUSIC and the set your fade out time to end and the correct time.
Wondershare Create | Larsen Digital  

Create Your DVD

At the top of your screen hit the CREATE tab. Double click on the text across your slideshow saying My Photo DVD. This will let you type in your own title or you can delete it all together. Off to the far right hand side is where you can change your menu background. At the top it will say CATEGORY and it will show all. You will probably want to change that to include an smaller amount so it doesn't take so long to load them all. Double click on any of them that you might like and this will download them. When it's done downloading, double click on it again to set it as your background. You can always do the same thing to a different one if you want to change it. You can preview your slideshow here if you would like to. Just click on preview, it will then preview your menu, and then click on your image thumbnail to start playing your actual slideshow. Now you either hit BURN at the bottom or it is also at the top left of your screen. If you would like to save it to your computer or mobile device those options are there as well. You have now created your own custom slideshow. Great Job!