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Converting Movie Film in High Definition - HD 1080p

When I tell people about converting movie film in High Definition, they are always surprised. To them, old = low quality. However, just because movie film is older than video tapes, doesn't mean it isn't higher quality. Or put another way, just because Movie Film is old, doesn't mean it can't be transferred in High Definition.

First, movie film can be converted to High Definition because it's film, not magnetic tape. Film, like slides and negatives is inherently high quality.

why go high definition HD

When converting movie film in high definition, we use a specialized camera to take a high definition picture of each frame of your movie film. Special software will incorporate each frame, which will create a smooth video. No longer will you see the flicker of the black bars in-between each frame.

We also use an enlarged gate to capture 100% of your movie film. Lower quality movie film transfers will lose 20-30% of the picture. If you are converting your movie film in high definition, you might as well capture the entire picture frame!!

Why Go High Definition (HD)?

  • High Definition is better than Standard Definition
  • Flicker Free
  • Frame by Frame Transfer
  • Enlarged Gate- 100% Capture

Discs are on their way out – and everything going digital. Having high definition video files is essential with today's technology. You can take your High Definition files and edit out clips, upload the files online to family and preserve the highest quality video possible.

For more information on converting your 8mm, Super8 & 16mm movie film in High Definition (HD): visit Movie Film in High Definition