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Top 4 Benefits of Going With a Professional to Transfer Your Video's

You know you want to get your video's transferred over to digital, but knowing how to go about doing that can feel overwhelming. Do you transfer them yourself, or do you send them to a professional company to transfer? Do you invest in the equipment necessary to transfer them? Or do I just have a professional company do it? These are the questions that can make getting your video's transferred something that just doesn't get done, but it doesn't have to be. When using a professional company there are many benefits to them than doing it on your own. You only want to convert to digital your precious family video's once and you should do it well. Unless you are willing to commit the necessary time and resources the results will be disappointing. Your memories deserve the best!

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Transfer Units

Not all video transfer units are equal in what they produce. VHS tapes don't have that great of quality to begin with but later video tapes like 8mm and Hi8 video tapes have lots better quality. There are a few ways to transfer your video's to DVD. If you are doing it yourself you will need to have your old camera or VCR Unit. There are many different types of video tapes. There are VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Mini DV, Umatic, Beta, etc. and you will need to have the correct transfer unit for each type of video tape that you have. In a lot of cases they are no longer working anymore and finding one that does can be a little tricky. Especially finding one that has all the mechanical working parts in good condition still. When using a professional company they are able to purchase high end units that can produce the best copy that you are able to get from your video tapes.
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DVD and Video Files

Transferring your video's to DVD so that you can watch them on a TV makes it so nice and easy to sit back, relax and enjoy watching your family memories again. But what happens when your DVD gets lost or starts to fail? If you transferred your own you would have to go back and re-transfer your video tapes down the road and who knows if those units would even be available then. If you want to not only transfer your video tapes but preserve them for years to come then you need to get the video files from them. You can always "rip" the DVD that you get from transferring your video tapes but this results in an even lower quality than your video tapes were in the first place. Professional companies like Larsen Digital are able to get the raw video files before the DVD is even created and give those to their customers. These are the highest quality video files that you are able to get from your video tapes and is what you will want. With your video files you are able to edit your video's on your computer using video editing software. You can take parts out of your video like when you didn't know you were recording and recorded the ground. Or say you recorded a whole program that you child was in but now only want the actual part that they were in and get rid of the rest. You can also fix up the coloring in your video's if they have faded over time. Having your video files is a great way to back up your video's allowing you to create a new DVD anytime you want. You can also put those video files on your computer or iPad to watch. You can put clips from your video's online to share with others. The possibilities are endless.


The price to have a professional company like Larsen Digital transfer your video tape and give you the video files is less than $20.00. Getting a transfer unit, the converter cables, DVD's and the time in setting it up is more than that. It's just not worth your time anymore to transfer your video tapes yourself. Not only can you get them transferred by a professional company for cheaper, you are getting the better quality transfers AND the high quality video files. Don't settle for a bad transfer of all of your precious memories on video, get it done correctly the first time by sending them to a professional company like Larsen Digital.

Delivery | Larsen Digital


Once you make up your mind to get your video tapes transferred you most likely want them done now and want to see them immediately. Transferring them on your own not only takes a lot of time in set up but also takes as long to transfer each video as it does to play the video's. So if your video tapes is 6 hours long, it could take you a day to just get one or two tapes done. When sending a bunch of video tapes to a professional company it is about 1 week before they are ready to be returned to you.

When Having a Professional Company Do It For You

Be sure to ask:

  • If they are able to give you high quality video files, not ones from ripping the DVD
  • How long will it take to get my video's back
  • Are my video's being sent out of the country to be scanned

If the company is unable to clearly answer those questions, or they admit they are outsourced, find a different company. Here at Larsen Digital, we do all our work ourselves, we never outsource our work to other companies or send it outside the USA. If you are ready to have your video's transferred and done correctly now is the time to act. Larsen Digital is the leading provider in all your digitizing needs. To learn more about having your video tapes transferred click here. Call or order online today!