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Top 5 Benefits of Going With a Professional to Scan Your Negatives

It doesn't have to feel overwhelming to get your negatives converted to digital. Do you scan them yourself or do you send them to a professional company to scan? Do you invest in an expensive scanner? Or opt for a lower end scanner that is more affordable? Or do I just have a professional company do it? These are the questions that can make scanning your negatives seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be. The benefits of going with a professional to scan your negatives will be discussed so that you can make a decision on what is right for you. When using a professional company there are many benefits to them than doing it on your own. You only want to convert to digital your precious photographic memories once and you should do it well. Unless you are willing to commit the necessary time and resources the results will be disappointing. Your memories deserve the best!

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Not all negative scanners are equal in what they produce. When using a professional they should have a top of the line scanners as well as software. There are many different ways to scan negatives out there especially with all the different sizes. If you are doing it yourself you need to make sure that your scanner can get a good scan for each negative type that you have. Professional companies not only will have the better scanners for each type of negative but they are educated in the best settings for them as well. In order to scan your own negatives you will have to become very educated in image processing. The resolution that you have your negatives scanned at will make a large impact on your end result. More affordable scanners for those that want to DIY will promise high resolutions but it's what they aren't telling you that makes the biggest difference. All the elements needed for the right color, contrast and clarity have to be there. These more affordable scanners just don't have all of this. You definitely get what you pay for with different types of scanners. Another important feature is Digital ICE. Digital ICE technology uses infrared light, which is able to detect dust, hairs, finger prints or scratches. As infrared light is invisible it cannot reproduce the color information of the image and therefore only delivers the defect information to the scanner software.

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Below is information on resolutions for scanning 35mm negatives.

2000 dpi(dots-per-inch): Image size in pixels 1740x2660 and will print up to a 6x9 image. Jpeg files are about 3.67MB while tiff files are about 44MB. These are equivalent to a 4.6 megapixel camera.

3000 dpi(dots-per-inch): Image size in pixels 2625x3900 and will print up to a 9x13 image. Jpeg files are about 6.7MB while tiff files are about 31MB. These are equivalent to a 9.2 megapixel camera.

4000 dpi(dots-per-inch): Image size in pixels 3500x5200 and will print up to a 11x17 image. Jpeg files are about 12MB while tiff files are about 54MB. These are equivalent to a 18.5 megapixel camera.

Most scanners will come with software to scan your negatives with and give them a basic color correction. If you don't have good software, the colors in your film will not scan correctly. Most scanners come with software for the brand of scanner that they are. There are really great software out there that can be purchased by itself. There are still going to be color and contrast corrections that will need to be taken care of once your images are scanned, but getting a great scan in the first place is essential.

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Editing Software

Photoshop is one of the best digital editing software out there however it comes with a hefty price tag. When having a professional scan your negatives they need to have decent software to edit the colors in your images afterwards. Some old film will fade a blue-ish tint, red-ish tint, or an all over color fading away to where they isn't much image left. Contrast can be an issue as well. Professionals like Larsen Digital not only fix up your faded images but they adjust the contrast as well so you aren't losing details in the shadows of your images. To get these beautiful looking images you not only need the software to correct your images but you need to know how to use it. Here at Larsen Digital we have professionally trained employees that can color correct your images for you leaving you with nothing but a smile on your face.



The price to have a professional scan around 300 35mm negatives is between $114-$126 depending on the resolution. This is the price of the cheapest scanner you can possibly buy to do your own. But for the same price you will get the quality scans and color correction that you deserve. Don't settle for a bad scan of your precious memories, get it done correctly the first time. Considering it takes you 5 minutes per image, for 300 negatives you are looking at 25 hours worth of work. It just isn't cost effective to scan your own negatives.

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Once you make up your mind to get your negatives scanned chances are you want to get it done quickly so you can enjoy seeing your images. When sending a few hundred negatives to a professional company it is about 1 week before they are ready to be returned to you. If you are scanning them on your own at home, it will take you that long just to figure out all the settings on your new scanner.

When Having a Professional Company Do It For You

Be sure to ask:

  • What scanner they are using
  • How long will it take to get my negatives back
  • Are my negatives being sent out of the country to be scanned
  • What color corrections are done after my negatives are scanned

If the company is unable to clearly answer those questions, or they admit they are outsourced, find a different company. Here at Larsen Digital, we do all our work ourselves, we never outsource our work to other companies or send it outside the USA. If you are ready to have your negatives scanned and done correctly now is the time to act. Larsen Digital is the leading provider in all your digitizing needs. To learn more about having your negatives scanned click here. Call or order online today!