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Adding Audio Commentary to Your Slideshow

    If you would like to make a slideshow with digital images and add audio commentary to it,
you will want to follow this easy 3 step process.
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Create Your Slideshow

The first step will be to create your slideshow just like you would like it to play. This includes having them in the correct order and the general duration that you think you would like to talk about each picture.


Create Your Audio Commentary

You will want to play your slideshow on your TV and while watching it, record your voice talking about each picture on the screen. You can use any voice recorder to accomplish this. You will just need to be able to use the file you created to use as the audio track to your slideshow. Preferably you will want to use a voice recorder that will give you a digital file, otherwise you will have to transfer the audio tape in order to get the voice recording you made. Smartphones, IPad's, or tablets have apps that can do this and will make it easy for you to get the digital file from it.

When recording your voice, talk about each image while it is on screen; it will make the next step a breeze. Try not to pause the audio recording and just continually talk about each image. If you have a break between images on the screen that is okay, it will just be silent for a few seconds in the final product. If you pause your recording & then start recording later, you risk having your audio not match the video that is being shown on screen.


Adding Your Audio Commentary to Your Slideshow

You will now want to go back into the program used to make your slideshow and add your audio track (MP3 file) to your slideshow. Once you have added your audio track, you can now adjust the duration of each image on the screen, to ensure that your audio commentary is perfectly in sync with your video. This is a very time consuming process, but if you were diligent in pacing your audio commentary while it was shown on screen when you recorded your audio, you might be able to skip this step altogether! Once you have gotten your audio all aligned you can render your final product and you are now finished. Create copies to share with others to enjoy as well.