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Top 5 Pros & Cons
Discs vs Cloud Storage

top 5 pros and cons discs vs cloud storage

Technology is making the move away from discs and moving everything to the "cloud". How do you know what is right for you? Here are some of the top pros and cons to discs (or hard drives) vs cloud storage.

Discs & Hard Drives

#1 Con: Discs can go bad for no reason – they just go bad. Hard drives can crash for many reasons. Either way, you data is lost or corrupted.

#2 Con: Discs can be easily scratched which can make the disc unreadable & portable hard drives can be accidently dropped.

#3 Con: Discs can get lost. They are slim and easy to lose (an d kids love to get their hands on them).

#4 Pro: Discs are cheap and you only have to purchase it once. Hard drives have come down in price over the years, and storage is at an all-time low.

#5 Pro: Disc and hard drive storage is familiar and convenient, which naturally makes it your "go to" storage source.

Cloud Storage

#1 Pro: Safe from degradation or corruption, you don't need to worry about scratches, lost discs, or failed hard drives.

#2 Pro: Safe from disasters in your home such as fires or flood s and other accidents.

#3 Pro: Accessible anytime, anywhere from a tablet, computer or phone.

#4 Con: Expense- the recurring monthly or annual charge can get expensive, especially if you have a lot of data you need to back up.

#5 Con: Increasing Scrutiny over security – data hacks have everyone on edge wondering if their data is safe.

If neither method offers 100% security, what should you do? Store & back up your files in at least 2 locations to ensure your data is protected.

First, you should back up your files somewhere that is not in your home (keeps you data safe when disaster strikes your home). Having a backup on discs and a hard drive doesn't help you much if your house burns down. What is becoming increasingly common is to keep your files locally on a disc or a hard drive and having another back up stored in the cloud.

Some cloud providers even sync your file changes automatically, so you don't have to manually update your cloud back up. If disaster strikes, at least your important data is safe. If you keep your eye out, you can catch some great discounts on cloud providers, at times offering unlimited storage for a low annual price.

At Larsen Digital, we recommend having your files backed up in the cloud as well as having a local copy (for convenience). That is why we offer the ability to upload your files directly into your cloud account. Right now, we offer the ability to put your digital images directly into your Google Drive account.
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