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Professional Vinyl Record Transfer

Larsen Digital will transfer your old vinyl record to a Music CD or Mp3 File. Once converted to digital format you can share with your family & friends online, create custom audio clips, use as the audio background in any video, and most importantly, preserve your audio file for generations to come.



What Memories Are You Missing Out On?

Vinyl Records are classic - and there are some albums only available on vinyl. Don't miss out on the chance to enjoy your old vinyl records just because you no longer have a record player. We will convert your vinyl record to an Mp3 file or put it on a CD.

Transferred in the USA

We would never send your irreplaceable vinyls outside the country like other companies do. We do all our work right here in Utah. More Info

Sale Prices!

$14.95 Per Record

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Processing Time

Our turnaround time is based off our current back-log. On average, orders will take approximately 2 weeks to be completed and shipped back to you.

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