Video Tape Transfer
(VHS, VHSc, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, miniDV) to DVD or Mp4 Video File

Edit video online from vhs, video tape, hi8, 8mm, digital 8, mini dv, mini dvd  MP4 video file

Edit your videos, share & view all your videos online.

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Create Digital Images from your Video Tapes

Still Photo from vhs, video tape, hi8, 8mm, digital 8, mini dv, mini dvd,

Once we have converted your video tapes we can create digital images from your video files.

We can create as many as you want, every 1/2 second, every second, every 5 seconds.

Just call us to discuss your options.
The best part is that this service only costs 1 cent per image.



Professional Digital Conversion of your Video Tapes (VHS, VHSc, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, miniDV) to DVD or MP4 Video File.

Digital Conversion of VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Hi8, 8mm Video,
Digital8 Tapes, and Mini DVD.

Please note that we are unable to transfer tapes that have been water damaged, have mold or mildew, or dirt in or around the opening of the tape. This will cause severe damage to the heads of our machines.

Professional Video Tape Transfer Service
(VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, MiniDV)

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vhs transfer, 8mm transfer, hi8 transfer ,digital 8 transfer, mini dv transfer, vhsc transfer, transfer

Video Tape to DVD: $16.99 $12.99 Per Tape


Add Mp4 Digital Video Files: $5.00 $3.00 Per Tape

You receive the digital video file, a FREE DVD of the original video & a FREE 30 Day Pixorial Membership for just $15.99!

8mm, super8, 16mm movie film reel rolls to dvd, blu-ray, video file

Disc & File Options

movie film to dvd movie film to blu-ray

To view your video tapes on your TV, you will want your files saved onto a DVD. This DVD will be an exact duplicate transfer from the data on your video tape directly to your DVD.

Each duplicate DVD disc will be billed at $3 per disc.

movie film to mp4 video file

Everything is going digital, and your video tape memories are no different. We can convert your video tapes to an MP4 video file that you can view on your computer and edit on your home computer.

We also offer a free 30day Pixorial Membership where you can edit your files online and download video file right to you home computer.
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Edit online your VHS, VHSc, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, miniDV, tapes)

Edit Your Video Tape Online!

Use Pixorial to securely store, transform, and share your digitized memories. Pixorial delivers the easiest way to edit and share videos - all online. No need to buy expensive software or learn to edit video - with just a few clicks you can personalize your videos, trimming to your favorite parts and adding captions, titles and music. Then, once you've created a unique masterpiece, you can effortlessly share it with family and friends!
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Why Online Editing?

We have seen a lot of video tapes in our time (VHS, VHSc, Hi8, 8mm, Digital8, miniDV), and sadly it's very common to see old reruns of Mash mixed in with a birthday video. What is even worse, is when someone leaves the lens cap on while recording, or just leaves the camcorder recording accidentally. Video tapes are full of unwanted useless footage.

We offer a way for you to personally edit out unwanted useless footage. We see a lot of videos that contain the 30 minute water show with Shamu; although it is great to have that saved in your original video files, you probably don't want to watch it every time you view your home movies. You can easily create "The Best Of" video clips that only contain the video you actually want to watch.

vhs, video tape, hi8, 8mm, digital 8, mini dv, mini dvd to DVD or MP4 video file


Prices are based on video tapes with 2 hours maximum per tape.
Video Tapes that exceed 2 hours per tape will incur additional charges.

Each tape will receive a hardware based, full phase (two pass)
image and audio stabilization.

Tapes converted to a DVD will be stored on its own DVD
and returned in a Dual DVD case.

DVD created by Larsen Digital will be an exact copy of the footage on the video tape. To receive an edited DVD you will want to order your DVD from Pixorial after you have edited your footage online.


What Type of Video Tape Do I have?

We can transfer VHS, VHS -C, Hi8 Tapes, 8mm Video, Digital 8 Tapes, MiniDV, and Mini DVD.

convert transfer vhs video tape to dvd Mp4 digital video file Standard VHS Tapes are the most common type of Video Tape. VHS Tapes emerged in the 1970's and quickly won the war between BetaMax Video Tapes. VHS tapes are 187 mm wide, 103 mm deep, 25 mm thick. VHS Tapes typically range from 2 hours to 8 hour modes. The longer the duration of the VHS tape, the lower the quality. For more information on VHS Tape Transfer
vhs -c conversion to dvd transfer to mp4 video file VHS-C Video Tapes are compact VHS tapes. They offer the same quality as the full size VHS tapes, but require an adapter to play in a regular VHS Tape player. VHS-C tapes have only one spool that the magnetic tape wraps around, unlike the full size VHS tape, which has two spools. For more information on VHSc Tape Transfer
hi8 hi 8 8mm video digital 8 video tape transfer conversion to dvd Hi8 Tapes, Digital 8 Tapes, 8mm Video Tapes look pretty much the same. Digital 8 video tapes look just like the Hi8 tapes. Digital 8 tapes are digital and Hi8 tapes are analog. For more information on Hi8 & Digital8 Tape Transfer.
mini dv minidv tape transfer convert to dvd digital video file mp4 MiniDV video tapes are the smallest of all video tapes. MiniDV tapes are mostly standard definition, but some MiniDV tapes are shot in HD. We currently only transfer in SD, so if your MiniDV tape is HD, the Mp4 digital video file will be SD. For more information on Mini DV Tape Transfer.
mini dvd small dvd transfer convert to dvd digital video file Mini DVD's are not a "video tape," but do require special software to extract the video files. We transfer the video files off Mini DVD's and put them on a full size DVD or convert the it to an MP4. Mini DVD's must be finalized to transfer the files off of it. To finalize your Mini DVD you will need the camcorder that recorded the Mini DVD. For more information on Mini DVD Transfer

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