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Welcome to our customers from Georgia the "Peach State"

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Our Standard Services to either
CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Video File

You have found the one-stop-shopping-site for converting all of your irreplaceable memories to digital format.

And, we believe that this will be your last stop in your journey to find a high quality professional company for your slide and negative film scanning needs.

In addition to our "industry best" slide scanning and film scanning, we also provide Video Tape (VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, & 8mm digital tape transfer to DVD), and Super8, 8mm, and 16mm movie film transfer to DVD

We understand the value of your film and we also know this should be a once in a lifetime expenditure. We promise to take care of your film as if it was our own treasured memories. And we will do everything in our power to ensure that the quality is unsurpassed so that we never have an unsatisfied customer. Nobody has more experience in scanning slides than we do.


See What Customers In Georgia Have to Say!

The slide show was very well done! Our family will love it. I received one message from Kim Burke and she was very prompt in her replies - your customer service is excellent. I am very pleased with my order. Thank you!

Carrie S.
Savannah, Georgia

Hi, The 8mm film you converted into dvd came out great. We were impressed with sharpness, lightness and overall quality. The original film was almost exactly 40 years old, so we didn't have good expectations, but you did it!

Rick C.
Lula Georgia

Hi Larsen folks,
Everything was fine. I was happy with the files you sent me and I plan to send many more trays of slides over the next 6 months or so. Take care.

Paul M.
Marietta, Georgia

Order Received. thank you so much for that good job you did on our slides. We don't have any more to send at this time but may in the future. we will certainly recommend your services to our friends. thank you so much.

Linda D.
Americus, Georgia

Great job! Everything turned out great. I want to personally thank Kim, she was so friendly on the phone and she was very patient with all my questions.

Janice B.
Atlanta, Georgia

What a treasure your company has been to my family! I have always wanted to take my old photos and slides and get them onto my computer but I never knew how. My friend told me about you guys and it has been so exciting to finally see all these old slides again.

Thanks for saving my photos and slides!
Virginia P.
Columbus, Georgia

Wow! Our DVD's arrived last night and I can't tell you how happy we are with the results. What a trip down memory lane we took, two old folks with tears in their eyes as we watched the slides go by - thank you for helping us to preserve these old slides, and make a wonderful present for our children and grandchildren this Christmas! Thank you so much - I'll pass your name on to anyone I can think of who might be in the market for your services!
Margot P.
Savannah, Georgia

I handle large estate projects and I wouldn't use anyone but Larsen Digital to handle the scanning for my clients. Everything is top notch and professional and they are always willing to work with me when a client has a complex organization plan and difficult requirements.
Michelle S.
Atlanta Georgia

Dear Sirs, I wanted to thank everyone there at Larsen's for a job well done. I have a long family history and I was a little wary of sending them all off to be put onto CD. The customer service girl was so friendly and helpful, and she eased my worries. These pictures dates back many generations and time had taken its toll of many of them. Although it was a hard decision to make, I knew it was important that I "get with the times" as my children say and put them onto a CD. I can't quite put into words what it has meant to be able to see all these old photos fixed up and to be able to share them with my children and grandchildren.
Thank you.
Eternally Grateful,
Lucy M.
Columbus Georgia

Great service, no surprises, you do what you say your will do, if not more.
David B.
Atlanta, Georgia

We procrastinated until the last minute to get my dads slide and movie films sent off to be put in digital format. Sadly my Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and was given a prognosis of only a couple of weeks to live. With my brothers help I gathered everything together and shipped it off to you for transfer to DVD so that we could watch it together with my dad before he passed. You folks were so accommodating and helpful and somehow you pulled off a miracle and got the dvds to us in time for a family gathering at my dads bedside. It was a truly wonderful and albeit tearful experience. Nobody will ever forget that few hours of watching the videos with my dad. My dad passed two days later. Without the truly heroic efforts of Larsen Digital we would have never been able to have that one last moment together. We love you guys out in Utah.
Elizabeth B.
Roswell, Georgia

hi- I wanted to let you know that my videos came in the mail this afternoon. I haven't had time to watch them all, but I quickly viewed some of the dvds. The video tapes that were put onto dvd are great. These are videos from when I was a kid that really don't remember seeing before. Its been a lot of fun seeing all my siblings as kids. I don't remember being so annoying, but unfortunately now there is video evidence! This has been a very fun project and I have more tapes to send your way.
Sabrina P.
Atlanta, Georgia

You guys have the best customer service of anyone I have ever done business with. It's a lost art with most internet companies. Same day email replies, and a company that actually answers the phone with out making the customer jump through button hell! You folks are awesome!
Bernard P.
Marietta, Georgia


Services to CD, DVD, Hard Drive, Blu-ray

Not sure on your film Type? Here is a list of all Film Types


35mm Slides Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

35mm Negatives Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

8mm Movie Film, Super8 Movie Film, 16mm Movie Film Movie Film Transferred to DVD and HD Blu-Ray.

VHS, Video Tape to DVD and AVI file VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV transfer service.

Stereo Slides, 3D Slides Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

127 Format Slide, 127 Super Slides Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

126 Format Slide Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

126 Format Negative Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

110 Format Slide Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

110 Format Negative Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

Medium Format Slide Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

Medium Format Negative Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

Large Format Film 4x5 Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

APS Negative Film Digital Conversion of negative film to CD or DVD.

35mm Half Frame Slide Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

Super 35mm Slide Digital Conversion of slides to CD or DVD.

Digital Photo Restoration Digital Restoration and Repair of your Priceless Photos.

Audio Cassette Tape Transfer Audio tape transfer to audio CD or MP3 on CD.

Scrapbook Scanning 12x12 Scrapbook page scanning

Floppy, Jaz & Zip Disc Transfer Old Media Transfer to CD or DVD

CD & DVD Disc Bulk Duplication Bulk copying of CD and DVD discsĀ 

Gift Cards Gift Cards for Birthdays, Mothers day, Fathers day, Anniversaries, Christmas or any occasion


The Perfect gift for Mom, Dad, Grandparents, or that hard to shop for person!

When it comes right down to it -- there are 4 main reasons why you should select a particular company to digitize your valuable and irreplaceable family memories.

1. A reputation for quality and customer satisfaction is number one. We pride ourselves in our track record since we started business back in 1995. We have always made sure that each and every one of our customers are treated with professionalism along with a personal touch.

2. State of the art equipment is a must and we use nothing but the finest scanners available on the market today. All mounted film (slides & negatives) is scanned with Nikon Coolscan 5000 ED scanners with Digital ICE (infra-red film surface dust and defect elimination technology). We use the finest equipment and processes for our film transfers to DVD.

3. A broad range of options to choose from. We have tried to bring as many options as possible to our customers. We have options to fit the needs of everyone from professional photographers to the hobbyist, and to the family history and genealogy buff.

4. And finally -- Cost. We believe that cost should be the final decision maker after the other three. Fortunately for you, our costs are as low as or in almost every case substantially lower than our competitors.

We convert your slides and negatives into industry standard 
TIFF ( tif ) or JPEG ( jpg ) image files, not proprietary formats such as Kodak's PictureCD or PhotoCD. With Kodak's proprietary formats, you are limited to the usefulness, ability to copy, and compatibility with your software. There has never been a better time for transferring slides to DVD.
This is a great opportunity to pass your precious memories to your kids and their kids.

So take your time -- look around our web site. You'll agree that THESE ARE the best values around!

We believe that our DVD Video Slide Show is the finest offering available from anyone in the film scanning industry. We have devoted thousands of hours in research and programming to develop a fully customizable video slideshow product. In addition, we now offer a PC version of the video slideshow with even higher resolution than what's available at DVD resolution. There is simply no better way to share your memories.

To see a demo of the SlideShow    click here

Serving all Industries

We provide services to government agencies, corporations, universities, doctors, dentists, libraries, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, Sports Organizations, and teachers every day. We also provide outsourcing services to local photo shops that do not have the expertise and equipment to scan film at a professional level.

slide scanning for professional businesses

Our Clients

Sports Organizations

  • Weber State University

    In 2011 Weber State University Athletics Department chose Larsen Digital to convert all their film and video's to digital. Since then, Larsen Digital is proud to say that they are the official sponsor of the Weber State Cat Bash, a fundraising banquet for the athletics department.

  • Tostitos Fiesta Bowl

    The Fiesta Bowl faced the huge task of transferring its entire operation from Tempe to the Scottsdale Waterfront this fall and Larsen Digital is proud to of been able to transfer the hundreds of slides to digital format to support the new Fiesta Bowl Museum.

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers turned to Larsen Digital to convert their entire film collection to digital.

  • Pittsburgh Penguins

    The Pittsburgh Penguins -- 2008 NHL Finals Team, selected Larsen Digital to convert their entire film collection to digital.

Government Organizations

Universities Educational

Medical/ Dental / Orthodontics

Professional Photographers / Image Banks







Larsen Digital will never send your film to another country for scanning.

When searching for a reputable company to transfer and preserve your irreplaceable memories make sure that they won't be sending your film to another country to take advantage of cheap labor rates.

Several relatively new film scanning companies such as BritePix and ScanCafe have popped up overnight which are sending the film to India, Costa Rica, and other countries to have the work done. This practice explains the "too good to be true" pricing.

We Digitize and Restore Your Photo, Film, and Video Memories by transferring all of your precious memories to digital on CDs and DVDs.

Everything is now going digital. Your memories should be no different. Why take a chance of letting your photos, slides, and video degrade from years of deterioration.

We can digitize your entire photo, slide, and video collection for you. Your memories will fade over time and so will your slides, negatives, and photos.

We digitize and restore your photo, film, slides, and video memories so that you and your posterity can enjoy them for decades to come.

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