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reel to reel audio transfer to digital cd mp3 file

Professional Reel to Reel Audio Transfer

Larsen Digital will transfer your old reel to reel audio to a CD or Mp3 file. Once converted to digital format you can share with your family & friends online, create custom audio clips, use as the audio background in any video, and most importantly, preserve your audio file for generations to come.



What Memories Are You Missing Out On?

"Back In The Day" reel to reel audio was used to record special events, especially because movie film rarely captured sound and most often silent film. Audio reels were used to record milestone events such as weddings, birthdays, holidays... whatever was important at the time. Odds are, you are not in possession of player capable of playing those reels, so those memories are locked away. Thankfully you can have your audio reels transferred to digital and share the past with your friends and family.

How Much Audio Do You Have?

Determining how long the records on your reel to reel audio can be a bit tricky. There are two factors that determine the length of the audio files, the speed the reels were recorded at & the size of the reel. The larger your reel is, the more feet of audio tape you have.

Reel to Reel audio can be recorded in using 3 different speeds, slow (1 7/8 inch per second), medium (3 3/4 inch per second) or fast (7 1/2 inch per second). The faster the speed when the reels were recorded, the higher the quality of the recording and the shorter the audio file will be. If a reel was recorded using the slowest speed, the quality will be lower and the audio file will be longer.

Reel to Reel audio reels come sized between 3-10.5 inches.

Reel Size
Slow Speed
1 7/8 inch per second
Medium Speed
3 3/4 inch per second
Fast Speed
7 1/2 inch per second
150 Feet - 3" 15 Minutes 8 Minutes 4 Minutes
300 Feet 32 Minutes 16 Minutes 8 Minutes
600 Feet - 5" 1 Hr 4 Minutes 32 Minutes 16 Minutes
1200 Feet- 7" 2 Hr 8 Minutes 1 Hr 4 Minutes 32 Minutes
1800 Feet Not Accepting Not Accepting Not Accepting
3600 Feet- 10.5" Not Accepting Not Accepting Not Accepting

*We do not process reels that are larger than 7".

Like Audio Casette tapes, Reel to Reel audio can be recorded on both sides of the film. So even if you reel says that it is 100 feet, when recorded on both sides, you might have 200 feet.

Digital Corrections

Once converted we will edit the audio files to edit out static in the background and edit the beginning & end of each audio file.

Each side of the reel will be saved as 1 audio file.

Sale Prices!

$16.95 Per Reel

Reel to Reel Audio Transfer to Digital Order Form

Reel Duration

Pricing includes up to one hour per reel. If reels exceed one hour, there will be a surchrge of $16.95 for each additional hour per reel.

Transferred in the USA

We would never send your irreplaceable reels outside the country like other companies do. We do all our work right here in Utah. More Info

Processing Time

Our turnaround time is based off our current back-log. On average, orders will take approximately 2 weeks to be completed and shipped back to you.

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