Put slides on a computer

Put Your Slides on your Computer!


Here at Larsen Digital Services we are the digitization speciialists so you can put your slides onto your computer.
What better way to relive your past memories, than to put them onto your computer or mobile device?

slides put to disc

2000 DPI: $0.52 $0.35 Per Slide

3000 DPI: $0.55 $0.37 Per Slide

4000 DPI: $0.58 $0.39 Per Slide

35mm slide scanning, lowest price, highest quality, professional scans to digital,


Step 1

Choose Resolution

First, you need to decide which resolution you want your slides scanned at 2000, 3000, or 4000 DPI. When it comes to resolution, the higher you go, the higher quality your scan will be. The higher the resoltuion, the higher your file size as well. Think of resoltuion in the same terms as megapixels when buying a digital camera, the more megapixels the higher the quality. For more information on resolution to put your slides to your computer, click here.

Step 2

Estimate Quantity

Next, you need to estimate your quantity of slides to put to disc. You don't need to be exact, just estimate how many slides you have. When we are done scanning your slides we will have an exact count and you will only be billed for what you send in. For some quick prep tips, see our easy guide.

Step 3

Fill Out Our Order Form

Next, just fill out our order form. You will just need to put in your resolution, put in your estimated quantity & decide which type of disc you want your files put on. We offer either CD, DVD or DVD Video Discs.

Disc Choices

slides to disc

Once we have scanned your slides we will put the files on a disc. You can choose to have your files put on a CD, DVD or Video DVD. A CD and a DVD are essentially the same because they both provide you with the Jpeg or Tiff digital images that you will put on your computer. A Video DVD is a disc you will watch on your TV like a movie.

On the order form you can decide what you want your digital images put on, so that you can easily share your memories with family and friends.



Digital Color Correction

free color correction on all images



All our slides will be edited at the standard level for FREE! As slides age the dyes beging to fade leaving a discolored digital image. We will provide free automatic color correction to put the life back to your precious memories.







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