Peace of Mind- 5 Year Data Retention

You can trust that your digital images are safe with our 5 year Data Retention Service

digital data retention archival

5 Year Data Retention Service for Your Slides, Negatives and Photos.

After we ship an order out of our facility, we only keep the digital files here on our server for 14 days due to the amount of disc space required to hold the large digital files.

With our optional 5 Year Peace of Mind Service, you can rest assured that if you lose or damage your data discs with all of your digital scans, we can replace them for you. Whether its hurricanes, floods, tornados or just a case of the dog eating your data discs, we can replace your digital scans.

Our 5 Year Peace of Mind Data Retention prices are based off the amount of storage required for your order, and will be automatically calculated on your order form.


Our 5 Year Data Safekeeping service is for digital files created from slides, negatives & photos. If you have video files from your Video Tape Transfers or Movie Film transfers that you would like to have archvied or keep a safe back-up, we recommend Pixoiral. Right now, all our video customers receive a free 30 day Pixorial Premium Membership. If you like the service you can choose to sign up for an annual memership where you can edit your videos online, share them with friends & family and be assured that a back-up copy is always available. For more information on Pixorial, Click Here