Converting 35mm Film to Digital or CD

Convert Your Film to Digital- Professional Scans

Digital Conversion of 35mm Sides, Super 35mm Films, Mounted 126 Format Films, Mounted 110 Format Films and Half Frame 35mm Films to CD or DVD.

2000 DPI: 52¢ 37¢ Per Slide

3000 DPI: 55¢ 39¢ Per Slide

4000 DPI: 58¢ 41¢ Per Slide

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35mm Film scanning conversion cd dvd

What Type of Film Do I have?

The following Films are converted under the 35mm Film pricing.

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Getting ready to convert your film is easy, we have some easy tips to get your started Prep Instructions.

Turn Around Time

We offer fast processing times, so we that you can see your newly converted films processing times.

Professional Equipment

We use the Nikon 5000 scanner to convert film, click here to see an example of scanned images. Examples

Film Formats

We can convert all different formats of films. 35mm Film, Super 35mm Film, 126 Format film (mounted), mounted 110 Format Film and Half Frame 35mm Film are all priced the same, and use the same Order Form.

Digital Color Corrected Film

As film ages the dyes begin to fade. Once your film is converted to digital we can digitally color correct your digital images making them appear new again! Examples

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