35mm Film Pricing

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2000 DPI: $0.52 $0.35 Per Slide

3000 DPI: $0.55 $0.37 Per Slide

4000 DPI: $0.58 $0.39 Per Slide

*Prices also include 126 Slide Film, 110 Slide Film, 35mm Half Frame Film.

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google drive cloud service

We will upload your digital images to your own Google Drive account where you can view, share & download the digital images.
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film to cd 35mm

35mm Film to CD

We can transfer all your film to a CD, preserving your memories forever!

Transferring Film to Disc

We transfer all types of film to CD, the most common type of film is 35mm. However, we can transfer any type of film that you have. If you have specialty film such as 126, 110, instamatic, 127, 120 or 220 film. If you are unsure what film type you have, see our film guide below.

35mm film 126 film 110 film 127 super slide 127 film 35mm half frame film
35mm Film 126 Film 110 Film Super 127 Film 127 Film 35mm Half Frame







35mm film 126 negative film 110 negative film medium format film 120 220 large format film stereo film
35mm Film 126 Film 110 Film Medium Format Film Large Format Film Stereo Slide

Disc Choices

35mm film to cd

Once your film has been transferred to digital you can have your files saved to disc. We offer either a CD or DVD. A CD is will contain the digital image and can hold up to 700MB of data. If you want a DVD, it can hold over 4GB of data. Both a CD or DVD will offer the same quality digital image, it just depends on how many discs you want.

What Now?

film to cd tablet computer digital

We live in a digital world, and once your film has been transferred to a CD, you can do whatever you like with your digital images. Some fun ideas are photo memory books, you can upload your best photos and have a custom book printed. You can upload your favorite images online to social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, Blogs...etc. You can transfer the files off the CD and put them onto your Ipad or your tablet so you can take them wherever you go.

All Scanned in the USA


Unlike other companies, we don't outsource our scanning & editing work outside the USA. We scan & edit everything in our Utah facility. If you live close enough to our location, feel free to drop by during our store hours. If not, you can ship us your order through UPS, Fed Ex or the Post Office.

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